Morona Santiago is one of the 24 provinces of Ecuador located in the southern part of the amazon región. This province is composed of natural wondWekain Eco Tour Operator Tourism Macas Ecuadorers and incredible unique cultures not found elsewhere in all the world. Within its territory are found vast extensions of natural áreas like: 80% of Sangay National Park that is the second largest protected área in the country, the protected Cutucu forest – Shaimi possessor of 311500 hectares, the biological Quimi reserve and the Condor National Park; each one of the áreas mentioned possess immense riches of plant and animal life. Included among many natural attractions are the Santiago and Morona Rivers, tributaries of the Maranon River, the Ayauch lagoons and the black lagoon, dozens of waterfalls, among them: the Musag waterfall and the Samiki waterfall and the legendary and mysterious Tayos caves. Finally, in the amazon territory live two cultures full of tradition: the Shuar and Achuar.


Wekain Eco Tour Operator Tourism Macas Ecuador After presenting a small way the immensity of tourism resources in the province, Wekain in Shuar language means traveler, invites all to know and live a new life experience, to live sustainable tourism. Our role as tour operator… Wekain presents its tourist magazine WEKAIN ECUADOR  READ HEREWekain Eco Tour Operator Tourism Macas Ecuador

Wekain Eco Tour Operator Tourism Ecuador

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Wekain Eco Tour Operator Tourism  Ecuador

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